Ste Peter's Church Southease 

Funding Appeal

We have a dilemma! We have been unable to open our beautiful Southease Church for the best part of three years now. It is an integral part of our village community.

Covid was the first culprit and the second was aspergillus. This as you may well know is a potentially deadly fungal mould which has appeared on the roof timbers, meaning that we are unable to re-open our doors post covid due to Health and Safety requirements.

We are now beginning to rectify the problem but for the works to be completed, we need to raise £7000 a.s.a.p.! This church with its peaceful atmosphere and historic wall paintings is unique, and throughout the years it has offered sanctuary and spiritual enrichment to countless visitors from all walks of life, whatever their needs.

If you think you can help and support the church, donations can be made direct to Nat West Bank.

Account name: Southease Parochial Church Council; sort code 60-13-09; account number 41510712. Reference: your name or DONATION.

With grateful thanks,

Southease PCC

David de Mallet Morgan, Helen Macaulay, Susie Kyriakides, Martin Brickell, Sue Brickell, Rachel Wyndham, David Stearman, Ruth de Mallet Morgan and Alex Pett.