Parish Meeting

Minutes for Southease village bi-annual parish meeting

Southease Parish Meeting

Southease is a civil Parish but as we have only thirteen dwellings and a population of around fifty we are a Parish Meeting rather than a Parish Council. The Parish is required to hold two meetings a year and we do so in April and October which all residents are entitled to attend. The Chair is elected annually and we also elect a Parish Clerk and a Treasurer. Additional parish meetings may be called by the Chair, or at the request of three or more residents, to discuss more urgent matters, such as Planning Applications.

The minutes and accounts are published on the web-site

Parish Officers (2017-2018)

Chair - Alex Pett, Meadow Cottage, 07931 102 556

Clerk - Andrew Martin, Littlewish Common, 07531 988 708

Treasurer - Becky, Meadow Cottage, 01273 510165